Choose the Right Tee Box

Countless rounds of golf begin with the question, “Which tees do you want to play?” Too often the answer is based on testosterone and not golf logic. Too often this becomes an opportunity for someone to announce their prowess saying, “Let’s move to some back tees!” There’s a better way.

Our home course is Annbriar.   Let’s use it as an example. The first hole plays 304 yards from the middle tees. While there is a fairway bunker on the left side, this hole is kind to the player, recognizes this is their first hole and so provides a generous landing area. When you look at the green you find that it is an elevated green sitting at least 4 feet above the fairway. Additionally, the green is shallow. The architect has set the green to receive lofted approaches. Therefore, the right tee box is the one from which your typical drive will position you to hit a high lofted shot that will hold this green.

The second hole is very different. Measuring 364 from the middle tees, you’ll find that this green is level with the fairway and is deeper. Here the architect is giving you a target that will work well with lower trajectory approaches since you will be using a longer iron.

Golf logic for tee selection, asks the simple question, “From which tees can I hit my average (not my best) drives and be in the appropriate landing areas for each hole?” Typically the prescribed landing area will be devoid of bunkers, the fairway will be a little wider and your club selection will match the design of the green (our first hole is designed for a lofted approach shot). If you are not sure which tee to play, ask the pro shop to give you the best distance from which to approach the first few holes. The choose a tee box from which you will reach that approach. A less scientific approach says, “Let’s choose a forward set of tees and if after a few holes there are too many birdies, move back.” You’ll find that using the first hole as a benchmark, that same tee selection will position you correctly for the rest if the holes as well.

Bottom Line: The tour players have a game that is built for the tees they play from. Choose a set of tees that are built for your game.


Enjoy the thrill of hitting better shots!

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