The Heartland Story

Why we teach…

Every year thousands of people try and then give up on golf. They give up for one reason–most golf instruction makes golf unnecessarily difficult. And for those who stay in the game that same golf instruction keeps them from enjoying their potential.

Instead of giving up on the game we want new players to quickly love golf. For experienced golfers, we want them to enjoy constant and enjoyable improvement.

In a quest to achieve these goals, we set out to take golf instruction to a new level. For new golfers, we want them to experience a game that they can easily understand and experience progress within a few hours of instruction. For experienced golfer we want to provide them with instruction that reveals a clear and immediate improvement in their play.

Simpler Instruction…

If we were going to make golf instruction better it would have to be simpler—much simpler. It had to be simple enough to be grasped by beginners yet insightful enough to improve experienced players. Our instruction is based on the teachings of Ernest Jones and Manuel de la Torre.

Better Instruction…

Our curriculum of instruction was created based on what we knew every golfer wants from instruction–to hit the ball to their target. In turn we asked, what controls the ball. The answer of course is the club.

For an effective shot, the club must do three essential things–whether its a putter, seven iron, sand wedge or driver. We built a curriculum around those three things. We call it Club-Focused Instruction.

Focusing on three essentials, new players were not overwhelmed and experienced players could see improvement would be easier to attain. It is a departure from and a step beyond the conventional body-focused instruction where player’s are overwhelmed and under-perform when they are trying to manage arms, legs, hands, head, etc.

New Focus…

Club-Focused Instruction made golf simpler and progress more eminent. Players were relieved by simplicity and enthused by the results they experienced in their 3-day session at Heartland. Player’s responses range from a grin of satisfaction to a declaration of amazement.

But instruction is not improvement. Having great instruction only informs our player what to do. Moving from instruction to execution requires one-on-one coaching and that’s exclusively what we provide by limiting our class size to just four players.

Thousands of Students…

But we didn’t stop there.  Our curriculum is dynamic.  Each season we work with scores of players.  From their responses to our teaching, we learn better ways of individualizing our instruction to each player.  We’ve been improving golf instruction for 20 years.  

We’re getting really good at it!