As a golf novice who regularly scores between 90-100:

    • You make good shots every round, but you are not certain as to what you did to create them.
    • Similarly, bad shots are sometimes a surprise because it seemed like you were doing things correctly.

The learning approach you’ll need for improvement:

    • Good shots and bad shots have one thing in common, you are not absolutely certain as to what you did to produce them.
    • You try different things but nothing works 100%. You want clarity about what you should do to produce good shots.
    • Improvement will occur when you have clarity about what to do that will reliably produce a good shot.

Why you should choose Heartland:

    • Relief will probably best describe your reaction to our three-day improvement program. Unnecessarily complicated ideas about the game and contradictory golf tips have kept you from playing the game you think you are capable of. Learning that each shot from tee-to-green shares common fundamentals with the other shots makes the game simpler and easier to play well.
    • Our novice golf program means you’ll get the results you want from personalized, one-on-one instruction.

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