If you play intermediate golf and you regularly score between 80-90:

    • During a round you will hit good shots from tee to green—but not consistently.
    • Consistency would make a marked improvement.

The learning approach you’ll need for improvement:

    • The next step is to elevate your level of consistency and identify types of shots that are not your strong suit.
    • Consistency is the key to your improvement. Consistent shots are the result of consistent swings. Consistent swings means moving the club the same way each time.
    • Improved clarity about your swing and improved focus during your swing will elevate consistency.

Why you should choose Heartland:

    • You will be enthused to find how much progress you can make when you have three days devoted to intermediate golf. Not only will you improve the clarity that is the basis for repeatability, by the second day you will already see elevated consistency and the improvement potential in the future.
    • With classes limited to 4 players, each player receives personalized golf instruction. This allows us to work with you one-on-one and results in gratifying improvement confirming Heartland was the right choice for you.

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