As a beginner golfer

  • You either have never hit a golf ball or your exposure to golf has been minimal.
  • You want to get started off on the right foot and take the steps that will make you comfortable on the golf course.

The learning approach you’ll need for improvement:

  • You want an approach to golf instruction that will make it readily understandable, and easy to remember.
  • You want a hands-on experience confirming that you can perform the golf lessons you are learning.

Why you should choose Heartland

  • Each year beginning golfers choose Heartland Golf Schools to build a foundation that creates confidence based on the success they experience during our 3-day school.
  • With classes limited to 4 players, each player receives personalized golf instruction. This allows us to work with you one-on-one and results in gratifying progress that confirms Heartland was the right choice for you.

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