As a golfer who regularly scores between 70-80:

    • You have an effective swing and are competent with all the shots tee-to-green.
    • The next step is to identify a fundamental common to all your swings that compromises them resulting in added strokes.

The learning approach you’ll need for improvement:

    • Advanced golf instruction from our school takes us through your entire game.
    • You and your professional assess putting, chipping, approach shots, and full swing with woods and irons.
    • Together we will identify a factor that is common to all your shots (e.g. grip, alignment, etc.) or a specific shot that is costing you strokes (e.g. long irons, fairway woods, etc.).

Why you should choose Heartland:

    • You will enjoy these three days devoted exclusively to your game. This total focus will prove revealing and enlightening. New clarity is achieved. Hands-on experience confirms that the golf lessons you are learning produce the shot improvement leading to score improvement.
    • With classes limited to 4 players, each player receives personalized golf instruction. This allows us to work with you one-on-one and results in gratifying improvement confirming Heartland was the right choice for you.  We are easy to reach and just minutes from downtown St. Louis.

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